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Saturday 7th May 2022

Check out our other upcoming shows & get your tickets below:

NOZFEST has something special planned for 2020.
Nozfest will now also host a smaller version of the awesome festival, called NOZLITE. 

Nozlite is an event based on the festival, but on a smaller scale. The idea being to keep the same vibe, same venue, same popular nwocr bands, same stalls, loveable hosts but for £15!! 

There will be 2 NozLite's a year and we very much hope to see you all there!!

NozLite will be taking place on Saturday 7th May, at The 1865 in Southampton with Florence Black, Scarlet Rebels, White Raven Down & The Wicked Jackals. 
Tickets : Eventbrite

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